TomTom unveils iPad navigation app image

Good news TomTom users, it appears that the popular navigation app on the iPhone has finally been optimized for the iPad.

The app, which has been reworked to fit the larger screen of the Apple tablet, will offer the same functionality as the TomTom for iPhone app.

This latest version will feature enhanced screen resolution, sharpened graphics and more intuitive controls specifically developed for the iPad.

“In response to strong customer demand, we have optimised our TomTom App for the iPad,“ said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director at TomTom.

Those customers who already have the iPhone version will be able to download this new version to their iPads for free. It also works the other way around – by buying the iPad version you will be able to download it onto your iPhone as well at no extra cost.

The move follows the launch of Navigon’s SatNav app for the iPad. The iPad, which was launched early last year, still has the tablet-computer market almost to itself. Apple has sold close to 30 million iPads, whose prices start at about $500.