Tony Hawk gets Tesla Model S image

Professional skate boarder Tony Hawk has recently bought himself a brand new Tesla Model S.

The rich and famous are known for their expensive rides but as green vehicles are becoming more popular each year, some of them prefer to buy hybrids or electric cars. This is the example of Tony Hawk, who has recently got himself a brand new vehicle. We’re talking about a Tesla Model S, which will be used by professional skate boarder as an everyday car, replacing his old Lexus LS 600h. The Tesla Model S is one of the hottest “green” vehicles of the moment and we honestly think that Tony Hawk has made a good choice.

As a quick reminder, the Tesla Model S has been launched in the United States this summer and the entire production of the vehicle for 2012 has been sold out ever since earlier this year. Tesla says that the Model S can be bought from 59,900 USD for the 60 kWh version, while for the 85 kWh 10,000 USD will be added to the base price. The Tesla vehicle is getting ready to receive a price increase these days but no official details have been announced on this subject for the moment. The Model S is coming with Nappa leather with Alcantara acents in the cabin, carbon fiber accents for the exterior, an active air suspension and high-performance drive inverter, amongst others.

Source: Celebrity Cars Blog