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The BMW 3 Series is the most desirable used car, according to customers of, the UK’s largest online used car retailer. Second spot goes to the Audi A4, with the BMW 5-Series in third.

The Focus and Mondeo are the first non-German cars in eighth and ninth place respectively, while there’s not one Brit model in the top 10.

German makes dominate the list of most popular brands as well as models, with more than six times as many page views as Japan, the next most popular country of origin. UK brands finish in third, with American and Swedish manufacturers rounding out the top five. Surprisingly, Italian cars are only seventh on the list.

With the two most popular models, BMW is comfortably the most popular single brand. Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen are next. The first non-German manufacturer is Ford in fifth place.

Top 10 most popular countries of origin, makes and models based on the most frequently viewed cars (page views) in 2010:


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