Top 12 best-selling cars in 2011 image has put together all the sales figures released by the automakers and what came up is the top 12 best-selling cars in 2011.

This year has brought some significant changes in the automotive industry, starting with the Japanese tsunami, going through the Thailand floods and ending with the bankruptcy of SAAB, all of these elements playing a big role in producing, exporting and selling cars. According to the sales figures released by the automakers, the Toyota Corolla is still the best-selling car this year, but its supremacy is being “attacked” by some models which didn’t have so much success a few years ago, or simply weren’t made a few years ago.


If the Toyota Corolla can be found in the first place, the podium is being completed by the second and third positions, occupied by the Hyundai Elantra, a model being sold in Korea as the Avante, and the Wuling Sunshine, which is a vehicle sold in China and it’s practically unknown outside its local market. The Wuling Sunshine is an MPV which can be easily turned into a van, and the model has been well received by the Chinese thanks to its versatility. Other models to come in the top 12 best-selling cars in 2011 are the Ford Focus, Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta, VW Jetta, Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Cruze, VW Golf, VW Passat and the Honda Civic.