Top 3: The most sold cars of all times image

Ever wondered what are the most popular cars of all times worldwide? And what better way to see if a car was chosen by a lot of people than analyzing its sales figures? That’s what we did and we ended up with a top three the most sold cars of all times.


Let’s start with the third place where we find the iconic Volkswagen Beetle that managed to find 22.5 million new owners between 1938 and 2012. The Beetle is the only car that “survived” for so long with a single body design and its first “upgrade” came only sixty years after its production has started, order in 1998, remedy when the second generation of the model was being launched.


The silver medal goes to the father of the hot-hatches, the Volkswagen Golf, one of the most popular cars worldwide which is currently in its sixth generation. Volkswagen managed to sell more than 27 million units of the Golf from 1974 to this year, placing it on the second step in our top three. The model was actually known in the United States, Canada and Mexico as the Rabbit and managed to win the “Car of the Year” trophy in 1992, after it was nominated with every generation.


Our top ends with a Japanese car, made by Toyota and named Corolla, which is in its tenth generation. The Asian automaker managed to sell more than 36 million units of the Corolla since its 1966 launch globally, which makes it the most sold model ever worldwide.