Top 5 Most Expected 2014 Models image

There will be some thrilling models coming in 2014. Here is the list with the top 5 best models.

The fifth place is taken by the 2014 Mercedes Benz S Class, which will hit the market this fall. Many believe that the plug-in hybrid version will have an immediate success when it will hit showrooms in the US. The S500 Plug-In Hybrid will be able to reach 18 miles on a single charge and the eMPG is to be above 60.

The fourth place is taken by the 2015 Ford Mustang, which is to rival GM’s Chevy Corvette Stingray. The model will be fitted with a 2.3 L, 16-valve turbo engine with both auto and manual transmission and Ford opts for the first time for a split-and-jointed drive axle. As Mustang will celebrate its 50th birthday next year, we all expect Ford to come with quite a fearsome model.

The Volvo V60 Sports Wagon is on the third place, a model which found success among the European customers. As safety has a role of utmost importance for Volvo, the automaker offers its customers the option for automatic stopping at a maximum of 31 mph in case of imminent danger. It is expected to be Volvo’s most stylish model.

The second place is taken by the Cadillac ELR. GM relies on the Cadillac ELR hybrid to boost sales, a model which is already on the list with the most anticipated rides. The model will feature a 1.4 L, 4-cylinder engine and 273 lb-ft of torque. Based on the Chevy Volt powertrain, the Cadillac ELR will travel 35 miles on a single charge, before switching to gasoline.

And the first place is held by Tesla Model X, maybe the most anticipated of all the models. The model is a mingle between a minivan and a stylish SUV and it is fitted with falcon wings and an amazing luxury interior. The Model X goes from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds and the base price starts from $70,000.