We like it when an automaker recognizes that a car has gone bad.

For example, Cadillac’s head of marketing, Uwe Ellinhouse, admitted that “The ELR’s a big disappointment, there’s no denying.” On the other hand, General Motors’ chief commented on the Pontiac Aztek flop that even if sales could be better, the brand was focused to satisfy the model’s customers.

Cadillac ELR

cadillac ELR
While it has a neat look, the model stays a two-door coupe, based on Chevy Volt’s extended range of electric cars and costs a massive $75,000. Up until November this year, Cadillac only managed to sell 889 of these Cadillac babies. The 2016 model will however be cheaper by $10,000. Let’s see if that helps the floppy ELR win over customers.

Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z
Honda made an attempt to create a hybrid with a sporty look, but its clients did not grow fond of the idea as fewer than 3,000 of the CR-Zs were sold in 2015. Despite its slick exterior design, the car has 130 HP and only a 1.5-liter four-cylinder electric motor.

Scion iQ

Lately carmakers have produced what we call “micro-cars” to deal with stricter fuel economy standards and provide for a growing demand of urban cars in the U.S.

The small and uncomfortable Scion iQ from Toyota was a definite loss for the Japanese carmaker. With little room for your legs and four seats that don’t quite fit four actual human beings, the car also has a 1.3 liter four-cylinder engine that keeps possible fans away. In fact, Toyota announced the end of production for this model starting 2016.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage
We’ve recently told you that Mitsubishi is looking to make a comeback onto the U.S. market, but we’re not sure of Mirage is the best way to do that. The brand manufactured this new model to appeal to people on a budget who would appreciate to pay $12,000 on a freshly-built Japanese vehicle. While sales are doing okay for the brand, the car has a 74 HP three-cylinder engine and that’s pretty much all we can say about it. Next, please!

Lexus NX 200t

Lexus NX 200t
While Lexus is known for its quality, smooth rides and nice cabins you just want to bask in, the NX 200t model only has a cheap-feeling interior and a fussy touch-pad infotainment system. It shares a platform with the Toyota RAV4 and managed to sell 40,000 units in the first year of production. However, it is still a flop from a quality standpoint. Consumer Reports named it one of the worst cars tested in 2015, so we’re not the only ones judging Lexus for it.


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