Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson says Welsh language should be abolished image

The fact that the UK Top Gear show is a huge success is known by everyone but it seems all this success has gone to Jeremy Clarkson’s head who is upsetting everybody, from Muslims to women and his latest “attacks” go to the Welsh population.

Clarkson always said that it’s fine to drive in Wales because “no one wants to live there” but in his weekly newspaper column the Top Gear boss recently wrote: “I think we are fast approaching the time when the United Nations should start to think seriously about abolishing other languages. What’s the point of Welsh, for example? All it does is provide a silly maypole around a bunch of hotheads can get all nationalistic”.

Jeremy Clarkson “attracted” the wrath of Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards who complained to the BBC by writing a letter to the general director Mark Thompson: “For a senior presenter associated with the BBC to make such bigoted and ill-judged comments does not reflect well on the organization. I would be grateful for your comments on whether it’s appropriate for Mr. Clarkson, as a senior representative of the BBC, to make such derogatory remarks”.

Placed against the wall and taken by surprise, BBC refused to comment on Clarkson’s saying: “The BBC will not comment on comments made by Jeremy Clarkson in his column”.

We hope that all of these scandals won’t affect the UK Top Gear and three hosts will continue to entertain us with the best auto show in the world.

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    What a PLONKER !!