Top Gear destroyed the Bentley in Australia image

The Top Gear crew has taken three modern vehicles for a long trip across the Australian Outback in order to prove that they are reliable and work just about anywhere on the planet.

Top Gear continues to surprise us with its useless test drives and it’s best known that no consumer information can be find out from watching the show, something proved once again in the Season 22, Episode 2. The three presenters, Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson have taken three modern vehicles to the Australian Outback in order to prove that modern machines can work just about anywhere on the planet, despite being loaded up with technology.

For the newest episode, Jeremy Clarkson has chosen a BMW M6 Gran Coupe, James May has gotten behind the wheel of a Nissan GT-R and Richard Hammond has used a Bentley Continental V8 S. The truth is that the three cruisers have managed to survive the harsh terrain but this hasn’t had its lack of costs, as the guys from The Supercar Kids found out, recently.

The Bentley Continental GT driven by Hammond was the best looking of the three at the end of the show but even so, the photos posted below are showing the car getting completely redone at a workshop in the Pacific country. The model had a lot of underbody damage and it was completely resprayed. This has made it loose 50 percent of its original value and at least we have found a good consumer advice, don’t take your car to the Australian Outback, unless it isn’t yours. Head over to our source to see more images with the luxury cruiser.

The Supercar Kids