Top Gear front man Chris Evans gets a fat salary from BBC image

We always counted among the dream jobs being a Top Gear presenter, even before counting in the financial credentials, and now Chris Evans also tells us those are something to be reckoned for.

Jeremy Clarkson has been very famous for telling people what he thinks even if that makes the BBC bosses uncomfortable and unhappy. Well, it turns out he might have an alumni in Chris Evans. It appears the British government is looking into making the public broadcast corporation publish the salaries of some of its stars if these go over a certain threshold. Evans has a simple solution for the issue – “just pay us less.” During a recent interview with BBC News, Evans makes a clear-cut statement – he and his fellow co-hosts are actually overpaid. He says that while not working full time he gets to experience in his job description things people actually dream about. And he also gets paid a considerable amount to do it.

And we agree, after all we all saw the stunts pulled by the former Top Gear team during countless seasons. And we can all imagine the producers are looking to up the ante to make the public embrace the new format and forget Clarkson and Co. Meanwhile, the BBC bosses are worried some of their stars might leave if their salaries become public knowledge, considering the White Paper running through the Parliament and requiring to publish the BBC salaries.