Top Gear Patagonia Special preview image

BBC2 will air the brand new Top Gear Patagonia Special on the 27th of December, in the first part.

The Top Gear crew has gone through some tough challenges in the filming of this year’s Christmas Special as they have embarked in a 1, 600 mile journey through Patagonia. The most controversial episode in the show’s history will air on BBC2 and on BBC2 HD on the 27th of December, on 8:30 PM, in the first part, while part two will follow shortly, a day later, at 8:00 PM.

“There will be swamps, deserts, forests, beaches, and ski slopes for the three V8 sports cars to suffer. There will also be broken bones, mechanical calamities and even some cows. Plus, a climax that wasn’t really on the cards”, wrote

The three presenters drover a Mach 1 Ford Mustang, a Lotus Esprit and a Porsche 928 with the registration plate H982 FKL. The model has been chosen for two reasons, because Clarkson really likes it and because of the registration plate, which is a reminder of the Falkland Islands war, between Argentina and the United Kingdom. This has caused a huge scandal in the South American country a couple of months ago, when the Top Gear crew was filming over there.