Top Gear Special for Season 19 is a Pan European race image

The world’s most popular car show, Top Gear, is getting ready to return to the TV screens and the three presenters have just filmed a new Special for Season 19.

BBC has recently announced that Top Gear Season 19 will be back in early 2013 but the car show might pull a surprise on all of us because the three presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have started filming new episodes.

“I cannot tell you how fantastic it is to be back at the Top Gear test track. The sun’s out and four of the five cars here are brilliant”, said Jeremy Clarkson almost two weeks ago on his official Twitter page.

Since then Top Gear has filmed another episode, which will probably be the Top Gear Special in the upcoming Season 19. The announcement has been made via Twitter by the same Jeremy Clarkson.

“Tonight, when you are asleep, a pan European Top Gear race begins. Me in a car. Hammond and May on public transport. Wish them bad luck”, said Clarkson on Twitter. “And to be clear, our races are not fixed. We start at 3.30 am. No-one knows who’ll win. But this time, the odds are stacked in their favour”, he added.

Jeremy Clarkson came back to his Twitter account 24 hours after the pan European Top Gear race announcement was made and said that it’s over.

“The race is over. No-one was killed”, said Clarkson.

What do you think this new Top Gear Special is about and most importantly what car is Jeremy using? Is it the 12C, is it the Vanquish, is it an Agera R or Tata Nano, which they didn’t test in India?

  • KH1

    If the new series starts in January, why are you surprised that they are filming segments now?

  • Brayton Shaw

    He’s probably using the Ferrari F12