Top Gear TomTom Satnav pulled over by BBC image

The BBC has been forced to axe a deal to produce a Top Gear satnav featuring Jeremy Clarkson’s voice.

Citing a rule which bars Clarkson from endorsing car related products BBC Worldwide will no longer pursue the deal with satnav manufacturer TomTom, which has already produced 54,000 of the branded products.

The Top Gear satnav features Clarkson giving instructions in typically sardonic style – amusing for Top Gear fans, no doubt, but it may begin to grate on the 100th journey.

“After 700 yards, assuming this car can make it that far, you have reached your destination, with the aid of 32 satellites and me – well done.”

A BBC Worldwide spokesman said “launch plans were too advanced to prevent the physical product going on sale in retail outlets” by the time the problem was identified.

“In order to avoid any perception of a conflict of interest in the minds of viewers, BBC Worldwide and TomTom have agreed that all monies that would have been due to BBC Worldwide will be paid to BBC Children in Need, together with an additional charitable donation by TomTom.”

Following TomTom’s release on the BBC being forced to pull out of a deal to produce a Top Gear satnav featuring the voice of Jeremy Clarkson, a Halfords spokesman said:

“We are disappointed with the decision by the BBC on behalf of our customers who told us they loved the product. It was proving hugely popular.

“While we have plenty of stock at the moment we will not be able to replace them when they are gone, so the strident tones of Mr Clarkson will be appearing in Halfords for a limited time only and after that he will be silenced, at least on a satnav.”

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