OK, looks like there are many people’s searching top gear videos without success. Here is the way to find those videos.
For example, you search Top Gear Season 12 Episode 10. First, you need to check inautonews.com and see what is all about on that episode. We will publish with 2 or 3 days earlier the content of the video.
Let’s say that, in Episode 10 for ex, Clarkson drive the new Toyota Avensis, and the boys test the Audi S5 cabrio and Bmw Cs. So you will have to notice: Toyota Avensis, Audi S5, and BMW CS.
Okay, now, after you know everything about what is in the video, go to youtube.com and search for Toyota Avensis. Don’t try to search for Top Gear because you will find only spam videos.
Next step is to sort the results by Date Added !!!. So if the show was launched at 8 pm, and now is 10 pm, of course most of the videos uploaded 1 minute ago are about the latest top gear video.

YouTube Search

I hope you get the point! If is not working try other keywords, like Audi rs4, or bmw cs; or anything else what is on the video – you can try Clarkson, or the guest name!

Good luck! 🙂



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