Top most expensive cities by fuel price image

The world’s most expensive unleaded fuel is ‘not’ sold in the United Kingdom or US.

When Londoners, for example, paid GBP1.35 per-litre in January 2011 – their equivalents in Amsterdam were paying GBP1.36.

This included an alarming 44% government duty plus 16% VAT. That must have stressed-out even the most relaxed Dutchman.

Motorists might have thought that popping to Brussels could save them money, but the price there was a wallet-wrecking GBP1.39 per-litre. It was the same horrifying sum in Stockholm. However, that sounds ‘cheap as chips’ compared to Copenhagen. Here the Danish bitterly coughed-up GBP1.43 per-litre and in Monaco it was GBP1.44 – but then they can afford it.

But! Residents of Oslo paid a teeth shattering GBP1.58 per-litre in January.

Prices were even more crippling in Asmara, as African motorists paid a virtually unbelievable GBP1.64 per-litre.