TopCar only touches the exterior styling of the Mercedes-Benz V Class image

The aftermarket specialist seemingly remembers when van conversions were all the rage among motoring enthusiasts, and has decided to deliver its own take on the Mercedes V Class, a model beloved by tuners for its ability to morph according to their desires.

The V Class has seen coachbuilds that range in scope and value from purposeful utility machines to ultra-luxurious private jets for the road. This substantial V Class build from TopCar Design – a package named “Inferno” – has one particular aspect, the specialists refraining from touching the interior. Everything kicks off with 3D scans of the unit to be modified, then TopCar creates all-new front and rear bumpers. A series of new components are also used for the rest of the front end, TopCar bringing their own grille, a central spoiler, a front lip, and LED lights. The front also now has “aerodynamic lining on the left and right” though we’re not entirely sure what is that.

TopCar only touches the exterior styling of the Mercedes-Benz V Class 6

More obvious is the complete carbon fiber hood, matched by other bits and parts that have been manufactured from the lightweight material. Even more carbon fiber is available for the rear, where a motorsport-inspired diffuser resides, along with double carbon exhaust tips on either side. The sides get side skirts and fender extensions both front and rear – the new wheels are something the client has to decide as TopCar offers a wide range from other tuner shops. The same goes for the untouched interior – the tuner’s partners will be more than happy to oblige and create a bespoke interior to match the new exterior.