TopCar Porsche Panamera comes with carbon fiber and widebody image

Porsche took care of the main issues when redesigning the Panamera for the second generation – though you can’t call revolutionary the changes – but that can be taken cared off using the aftermarket scene.

The TopCar tuning package is not going to get everyone satisfied, the aftermarket specialist from Russia going quite the length as it features a full widebody kit for the sporty limousine from Germany. There are also lots of uses for the lightweight carbon fiber – as well as numerous air intakes all over the body. We have just one beef – the recessed door handles are decidedly cool, but they’re only used at the back. The Turbo version has been used as a starting point – naturally – with massive diffuser at the back and a pair of exhaust tips. TopCar also reworked the rear wing in carbon fiber, along with the roof and the hood. The bespoke body parts are also usable for any of the Panamera hatchback versions, and optional parts also include numerous wheel sizes – such as this 21-inch set.

TopCar Porsche Panamera comes with carbon fiber and widebody 10

No images with the interior have been handed out – though customers can request just about anything, from crocodile leather, 24-karat gold, carbon fiber to rare wood. Of course, the tuning package is complete only after the engine has been reworked. The biturbo 4.0-liter V8 engine has been tweaked for another 100 horsepower for a total of 650 hp – but there’s only info about the body kit conversion price, with TopCar asking €24,556.