Topcar takes the Mercedes GLE to Cloud No.9 image

The aftermarket specialist is taking an angelic approach for this project, delivering a heavenly white interior for the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, which is a welcomed departure from earlier extravaganza.

Topcar previously modified a Mercedes-Benz GLE with red crocodile leather upholstery but this time they’re going for a much more understated approach. This is how they came up with this new monochromatic white cabin – but we’re not going to imagine just how the owner is going to keep this interior pristine over time. Anyways, having kids or pets inside is probably out of the question… Now on to the actual modifications – Topcar has used diamond-quilted white leather, including on the dashboard, seats, door panels, roof, and even the floor mats. Look carefully and you’ll see there’s more than one hue inside the cabin – a light pastel adds some style to the seats, for example.

Topcar takes the Mercedes GLE to Cloud No.9 9

Ivory-colored wood is also part of the package, with black controls for the infotainment system, HVAC, and other instruments and features come as a measure of contrast. The modifications don’t seem opulent (although they are), but we can be sure the owner needs to invest not so much in a chauffeur but in a detailer to keep the cabin clean. The GLE Class is actually the facelifted M Class and we’re expecting the new generation to come out sometime next year or at the latest in 2019.