TopCar Vantage 2 Lemon revealed image

The Russian aftermarket specialists at TopCar have pulled the wraps off their latest creation, the Vantage 2 Lemon, which is actually based on the Porsche Cayenne 958.

According to the Russian tuner, the TopCar Vantage 2 Lemon has been fitted with a new body kit, which includes a modified front bumper, a TopCar Vantage front grille, kicker plates, revised side skirts, a new rear bumper, a ventilated bonnet, wider wheel arches, a tailgate mounted spoiler and a set of quad exhaust tips, designed in order to remind us of the Carrera GT.

“Long-awaited warm weather, friendly sunbeams, green and fresh colors improved the positive mood of the car owners. So sports cars and cabriolets finally appeared on the roads. Holiday season is coming soon so many people, even in spirit, have already gone to long journeys somewhere on the shy-blue seaside”, as the tuner is saying in its official press release.

The TopCar Vantage 2 Lemon is painted, as you can see from the photo gallery posted below this article, in a special pearl lime color and the interior of the German SUV hasn’t been left aside either, being equipped with lime-colored piping, perforated black leather and special floor mats. However, the tuner didn’t say anything about what we can find under the hood of the Vantage Lemon 2 nor how much the vehicle will cost with all the modifications.