Torino 380 concept is a spectacular render looking into the past with a future vibe image

Between 1966 and 1982, IKA and Renault partnered to deliver the mid-size Torino coupe – an interesting way of combining the American and European styles.

It was introduced as an upscale model – though not to everyone’s satisfaction – but at least featured a nice 176-horsepower (131-kilowatt) engine and a four-speed floor-mounted manual transmission. Almost 45 years after the model’s demise, a team of designers have decided to try and rekindle the historic nameplate – aptly named Torino 380 concept in a reference to the original high-performance Torino 380 W – and imagined by Argentinian rendering artists Facundo Davila, Marcelo Romero, and Lucas Basile.


Just like the original, the styling is different from anything else, with a long silhouette paying tribute to the original – though set in contemporary metals. The front has the same quad headlight setup and a horizontal grille while the back is looking squarely into the future. “We tried to keep using the original proportions of the car, where the hood is almost the same size as the tail, and also keep the other emblematic elements, but giving it a contemporary appearance,” commented Davila. There’s no detailing towards what might actually be used as a powertrain for the model if it ever made into series production, but we do imagine it would at least have performance comparable to the BMW M4.