We’ve heard this on numerous accounts, but when a major producer is involved we tend to give them a little more credit than the usual startup that wants to first ramp up knowledge about itself.

Toshiba has recently announced the creation of its next-generation SCiB lithium-ion batteries that make use of a new anode material – titanium niobium oxide, which is apparently responsible for doubling the capacity of the anode of current SCiB. Its prototype 50 Ah cells can be recharged in about 6-minutes and according to the company’s graphic, the 6-minute charging would enable a typical EV using their new SCiB battery to drive three times as much as 32 kWh Li-Ion battery – up to 320 km / 199 miles on the Japanese JC08 standard.

Toshiba adds its new SCiB also has a long life cycle, low-temperature operation, excellent safety and rapid recharging – features retained from the current SCiB version. More so, 90% of capacity is reportedly kept after 5,000 charge/discharge cycles, and ultra-rapid recharging is possible in the cold, with temperatures as low as minus 10°C. What Toshiba hasn’t revealed is the cost associated with their new battery, but with ongoing development and planned deployment for fiscal year 2019 there’s still time to address the issue.



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