On May 30th, Kuozui Motors, Toyota’s affiliate in Taiwan, held a ceremony at its Chung-Li Plant in Zhongli, Taiwan to celebrate total sales on 2 million units in the country.

Regarding the achievement, Kuozui president Haruaki Hoshino said: “As a result of the close collaboration with our associates to make vehicles that please consumers, we have reached the remarkable milestone of cumulative production of 2 million units in Taiwan. In February of this year, we began production of the ‘Camry Hybrid’, the first hybrid vehicle to be produced in Taiwan, and hope to continue bringing joy to people through our products.”

Kuozui was establishe in 1984 as Toyota’s first vehicle production base in Taiwan. In 1986 began production of the Dyna commercial-use truck at the Chung-Li facility and in 1995 it was completed Toyota’s second production base, the Kuan-Yin Plant. In 2009 Kuozui Motors started production of the Corolla to be exported to the Middle East. Toyota Motor is decided to contribute to the society wellness by producing ever-better cars for the benefit of both the society and the consumers.


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