Touring Superleggera introduces the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante as a limited-production model image

Usually, one-off concepts by designers or coachbuilders remain, well, very successful prototypes. Still, every now and then, some small company manages to get the needed support and embark on the long and perilous journey to production ready. This is what happened to last year’s concept Disco Volante.

Presented during the 2012 Geneva Motors Show as homage to the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante from the 1950s, the prototype made by Touring Superleggera was one of the more beautiful concepts at the show. This is why we are really glad to find that Alfa has officially endorsed the limited production run of the 2013 model.

The 2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante by Touring Superleggera has been changed very little, with the only noticeable modifications being the slightly different wing mirrors, and different headlights. Importantly, Alfa Romeo dealerships are qualified for maintenance and service of the car, while Touring Superleggera provides them with repair instructions and parts for the Touring-designed components and systems.

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione chassis forms the basis for the coach-built bodywork of the Disco Volante, integrally conserving the rolling chassis and drive train. The frame members and the central carbon cell remained unchanged. A combination of aluminium and carbon fibre was used for the Disco Volante’s bodywork. Carbon fibre is used for specific components like the front bumper and grille, the bonnet, the side skirts, the boot lid and the integrated rear-window frame. The bonnet and boot lid are sandwich-built with Nomex filler to obtain a superior stiffness/weight ratio and to dampen vibration and noise.