Toyoda Gosei Flesby II concept is all soft and squishy in Tokyo image

No captcha here – we’re talking about a different company from Toyota – Toyoda Gosei is a Japanese firm specialized in the auto industry on supplying rubber and plastic components.

That partially explains the creative design employed for the Flesby II concept – the bulbous vehicle comes with a very soft exterior designed at minimizing danger in case of impact with a pedestrian. The idea is to have the Flesby II delivered as an ultra-compact vehicle for the year 2030 – and Toyoda Gosei even thinks the model will be able to deploy e-rubber, a next-gen material that can be used to alter the exterior design and shape using electric controls. The green globes on the outside are soft for extra impact protection, translucent and fitted with LEDs to be able to display various messages and warnings.

Toyoda Gosei Flesby II concept is all soft and squishy in Tokyo 2

The company also created a separate concept to deliver the Flesby II’s interior, with soft-textured material enveloping the passengers, with LEDs doing the communication through information messages. Toyoda Gosei is quite active at the Tokyo Motor Show and will present two other concepts to promote its future parts – one depicting a futuristic interior for a semi-autonomous vehicle – and one featuring a plastic front end for a car that would include the company’s “exterior communication lamps” that will indicate the status of the car to the rest of the world.