Toyota’s 400,000th Hybrid Delivered in Europe image

Toyota’s 400, 000th hybrid car took the road to Europe. The European market now takes pride in this beautiful Auris Hybrid, which continues a history that dates back to 1997, when the first Toyota Prius generation was launched.

Although the Prius has the longest history, the honor went to a 2010 Auris. This means that 400,000 hybrid cars were sold in Europe, while only 150,000 in the U.S. in 2011.

The vehicle now belongs to Valentine Nkwocha from Anderlecht (Belgium), as a company car given by his employer CTG (Computer Task Group).
Besides this beautiful vehicle the company also owns 20 Auris Hybrid, recently ordered.

“We are very proud to deliver our 400,000th hybrid in Europe to a customer in Belgium where we have a strong presence with our European headquarters, our R&D centre, our parts and vehicle logistics operations,” said Michel Gardel, Vice President of Communication, External and Environmental Affairs at Toyota Motor Europe.

Toyota, the world’s largest seller of hybrid autos, expects to sell 8.58 million vehicles in 2012, which is a 21% annual increase, with 100,000 higher than the Toyota City.

Toyota lost ground the previous year, being outsold by General Motors Co. and Volkswagen AG in 2011. But the company’s officials seem confident on getting back on the first place.