Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept introduced in Australia image

The Australian unit of the Japanese automaker decided to make our day, revealing at home the shooting brake version of the 86 sports car.

We can only bring you some pretty low resolution pics with the prototype, but we can still judge the one-off by it merits. While unfortunately this is set to remain a custom project, it appears the concept is actually a fully-functional vehicle that already clocked some “evaluation” miles. The wheelbase is the same as in the coupe and the front end and even the doors are identical to the production series model. These common structures are always good, since they can keep costs under control and increase the chances of seeing such mods get greenlit by the top brass. On the other hand, rear legroom is utterly limited, since the coupe was anyways among the smallest four-seater coupes in the world.

Meanwhile, there’s lots of added rear headroom and trunk space, while the unconventional design is something few people have seen lately. The changes also added a mere 86 lbs (39 kg), with the boxer engine still ticking under the hood. We do remember that such a version had been first heard off as far back as 2013 and we’re hoping this time it won’t suffer the same fate as the 2013 roadster version, which forever retained its one-off status. Since Toyota has just unveiled the mid-cycle facelift, dropping the GT from the moniker, it may also be the right time to deliver new body styles.