Toyota Motor is on the verge to ratchet up its 2012 sales outlook for the U.S. auto market after the last two months reached stronger than expected volume.

The company’s plans to sell 13.6 million units this year in the States, have to be rethought taking into consideration the strong January and February demand. January sales rose more than 11%, while in February the US auto sales rose almost 16%, the annual sales rate reaching its best level in four years, topping expectations for the second straight month.

With 15.1 million units sold in February, this was the best month since 2008, before the financial crisis that sent Detroit into a tailspin. Analysts had expected an annual pace of 14 million vehicles, with the high estimate at 14.4 million. In 2010 the company managed to sell 12.8 million cars. The U.S. industry was selling nearly 17 million vehicles a year on average in the 10-year period ending in 2007.

“The global market is pushing automakers to do a much better job and therefore pushing to align or cooperate or work together as a common goal. I don’t think this GM/Peugeot thing is the end of it,” declared Inaba, president and chief operating officer in charge of Toyota’s North American operation.


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