Toyota aims to build tens of thousands of hydrogen cars in the next decade image

Toyota wants to make thousands of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles a year in the next decade as demand for environmentally-friendly cars will rise.

By 2015, the Japanese carmaker intends to sell hydrogen cars based on the FCV-R concept car it displays at the Geneva Motor Show.

“We are preparing to be able to produce tens of thousands per year in the 2020s,” Didier Leroy, head of Toyota’s European operations, was quoted as saying by Automotive News. Toyota hasn’t yet made public the price or marketing plans for fuel-cell cars and hasn’t yet set a global sales target.

Toyota said it’s reducing cost and technical obstacles that have kept hydrogen fuel-cell cars from being sold to retail customers. Hydrogen’s appeal as a fuel is its abundance and ability to propel vehicles to distances comparable to gasoline. Its main disadvantages are the high cost of producing the fuel cells themselves, and the investment necessary to equip fuel stations to dispense hydrogen fuel.