Both Japanese automakers consider taking legal action against the official Brexit campaign for using their logo in flyers.

The Brexit referendum is around the corner and almost the entire European automotive industry is hoping that United Kingdom will still be a part of the Community after the vote on 23 June. Toyota and Nissan have been among the many automakers rising concerns over Britain leaving the block, as EU means no extra taxes and free movement of people and goods within its borders, which are great benefits for a healthy business environment. But, despite their against-exit opinion, the Japanese carmakers’ logo have been used by the official Brexit campaign, appearing on the “Vote Leave” flyers alongside other brands such as GM’s Vauxhall and consumer goods maker Unilever.

Thus, Toyota and Nissan are now considering making a legal complaint, following Unilever’s similar action, as the campaign misled the public into thinking that they endorse it. “We weren’t consulted or asked if we were happy for our name to appear. If we had been, we would never have allowed this to happen,” a spokesman for Toyota said in a statement. “Our position couldn’t be clearer. We firmly support Britain remaining.”

According to a survey on a Brexit move conducted earlier this year by the UK Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, 77 percent of its members said remaining in Europe would be best for their operations and long-term profitability.

Via Reuters


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