The two Japanese automakers are looking to enhance their cooperation ,exploring additional areas for possible collaboration – from safety technology to component sharing.

Toyota and Suzuki have been collaborating for some time but are now taking things to a new level through a new agreement that will involve a future business partnership. The companies are now mulling possible collaborations on “environmental technologies, safety technologies, information technologies, and mutual supply of products and components.” According to the rumor mill, the first step of this new “alliance” in the making would involve a technological collaboration in the field of a jointly-developed autonomous driving system.

Toyota has been a slow builder in the area but is now keen to make up for the lost time and has brought to life models such as the Concept-i, equipped with the maker’s new Yui artificial intelligence system that will do anything from acting as a personal assistant to actively monitoring traffic. Both automakers first announced the possible partnership late last year, as Toyota is becoming an even more active player in the Japanese auto industry – they took over Daihatsu completely – and Suzuki is looking to keep up with the rapid advancements of the mobility sector. Suzuki is also recovering from a bad period last year – a fuel economy testing scandal and accounting errors in Japan.


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