Although Texas governor Rick Perry has been traveling the wide US to bring businesses to his state, Toyota’s North American CEO says an internal study was the deciding factor for the move.

The bulk of the Toyota Motor Corp North American operation is set to move from Torrance, California to the Dallas area in Texas, with around 4,000 jobs affected, and Jim Lentz, the North American CEO said the automaker based its decision on an internal review of 100 US cities. The Republican Texan governor, aged 64, has also offered $40 million in incentives to lure the world’s biggest automaker.

“When we made the decision that we weren’t going to go to one of our three existing locations, our search started with about 100 different cities,” Lentz said in an interview. “We put together a decision matrix that put together economic considerations, business considerations, associate considerations. Four of them we considered primary locations; three of them we considered secondary locations. We visited all four of those primary locations and it became quite clear that Plano, Dallas, Texas, was the primary choice.”

Lentz added that Plano was a location that offered the best proximity to manufacturing operations in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky. He also said that Perry’s trips to bring companies from California were not a factor, as he met the governor for the first time yesterday, the same day the company officially revealed the move.

Via Bloomberg


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