Toyota boosts Lexus capacity with third Japan plant image

Toyota Motor Corp, the world’s largest automaker has announced that its Lexus premium vehicles will start in August assembly work at the company’s Motomachi plant in Japan.

The carmaker announced the move as part of the broader plan to increase the luxury brand’s production capacity and boost Lexus sales globally. Akio Toyoda, the Toyota president decided last year to directly oversee activities at the 25 years old brand, moving to emphasize the luxury division’s importance as it wants to move it to worldwide acclaim and recognition. The brand, which was started to lure in affluent buyers in the US, continues to make around 50% of its global sales in the North American region – last year Lexus had sales of around 523,000 cars, an increase of around 10% over 2012.

Ryo Sakai, a spokesperson for the company, announced that Toyota will move the manufacturing of the GS sedan for overseas markets from the nearby Tahara plant in central Japan to Motomachi, while at the former the brand will put into production a new model. The luxury brand has its vehicles made at the Tahara and Miyata factories in Japan, and overseas at a plant in Ontario, Canada. The brand will start US production in 2015 in a Kentucky facility.

Via Reuters