Toyota Broke Ground on its Aurora Training Center image

Recently Toyota broke ground on its new Training Center in Aurora, for which the automaker invested $4.9 million.

Executives and associates at the Chicago Regional Office of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. broke ground on the new Training Center which will be 15, 000 square feet in size. The Training Center in Aurora is part of a campus-wide building project for the automaker’s regional sales office, situated in Sequoia Drive, Aurora.

The center will include 12 high-tech service bays and 3 classrooms and it is expected to be completed in the summer of 2013. It will play an important role in training the employees for Toyota’s 70 local associates and the 112 dealerships in the area. The Chicago Region is of utmost importance for the service operations and sales in Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. Toyota also announced it will invest an additional $1.9 million to renovate the main office building on the company’s 50-acre campus.

“We’re excited to be adding this vital training facility to our regional headquarters in Aurora,” said Kevin Fletcher, General Manager of Toyota’s Chicago Region. “It’s a significant investment that will ultimately benefit our company’s technical efforts as well as those of our dealer body.”