Since May 2012 the Japanese brand Daihatsu has had – for the first time ever – a hybrid passenger car ever, named Altis. And now it’s time for the model to switch to a complete new generation.

In case the midsize sedan looks awfully familiar to people in the United States it’s because, just like it was the case with the first generation, the new Altis is again a simple case of rebadging – this is the 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid hiding under the Daihatsu badge. Just like it was the case with the actual Toyota, Daihatsu’s new model has improved key aspects – comfort, performance, efficiency, visibility, and storage capacity. The Japanese automaker – Daihatsu, not Toyota – is actually playing mysterious on the model’s technical details.

Toyota Camry Hybrid morphs into the Daihatsu Altis 5

But we can have a peek at the Camry hybrid spreadsheet and get the complete picture. It carries the same 2.5-liter gasoline engine, uprated over the previous generation for another 20 horsepower and 7 pound-feet of torque – 176 hp and 163 lb-ft. Total output when considering the electric motor reaches 208 hp instead of the older 200 hp. In Japan, the “new” Daihatsu Altis comes with 2WD and just one trim, with a starting price of 3,499,200 yen, around $30,500. Oddly enough – the Camry is also available at home in Japan.


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