Toyota Celebrates 1,000,000th Facebook Fan image

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. recently reached one million fans on Facebook and the company is rewarding fans with an interactive gift.

“Our fans helped us make Toyota’s Facebook page what it is today, ” said Dave Nordstrom, vice president digital marketing. “We’re celebrating this milestone on one of the world’s largest social media channels by spotlighting our fans that got us here.”

For the big event fans of Toyota have been asked to send photos of themselves over the past few weeks to create a new masthead mosaic photo collage posted on Toyota’s profile page. Fans also sent Toyota related stories, which will be featured from now on on the company’s timeline Facebook page. Toyota has definitely hit lower to celebrate this achievement.

Not long ago Fiat celebrate its 500,000th Facebook fan by offering 10 new Fiat 500 cars. Each of the 500,000 fans had a change of winning a free vehicle, plus a $500 voucher towards the purchase of a new vehicle. Other automakers have also creates funny videos for their Facebook fans to celebrate the success. Audi offered its 500,000 fans a video of professional racer Dindo Capello doing a burnout in an Audi R8, Ferrari also had a video for its 8 million fans, featuring a red 458 Italia.