Toyota CEO Hopes Next Japanese Govn. Will Fix Dispute With China image

Toyota Motor CEO Akio Toyoda hopes that the next Japanese government will be able to fix the relations with China.

“As far as automobile enterprises are concerned, their [Chinese sales] have dropped significantly, ” he said. “[We] hope that the next Japanese government will promptly act to restore friendly relations with China.”

Mr. Toyoda also hopes that the new government will also be aware of the hardships the Japanese businesses and citizens had to face due to this conflict. All Japanese automakers have seen their sales drop due to the increasing tensions between the two nations, which sparkled after Japan purchased a group of disputed islands located in the East China Sea.

Earlier this month Akio Toyoda denied rumors according to which Toyota plans to shift production from China to Thailand, claiming that the automaker’s plans in China are different from its operations in the rest of Asia. Toyota announced that its two JV partners in China sold 45,600 vehicles in October, a 44% decline after a nearly 50% drop in September. From January to October the automaker sold 685,900 vehicles in the country, a decrease of 1% compared with the same period last year.