Report – Can the handshake with Toyota make the destiny shining for Chicago Cubs? image

The real breaking news is that the Chicago Cubs have joined their hands with the leading car makers of the world Toyota.

The news can be said “breaking” ones as both of these parties are desperate to break the worsening phase of their lives.

The dismal Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are suffering from the worst ever phase since long as the last Championship that they have was way back in 1908. The performance of this once upon a time legend went deteriorated gradually and the limit of their dismal fate and performance can be seen with the fact that they have not been able to get qualified for the World series since 1945. The guys of Cubs are real desperate to perform at Wrigley and must be praying for the turnaround of their luck with this handshake with Toyota.

The dismal Toyota

The dismal situation has not only affected the Cubs as Toyota has also joined the bad-fate names since last few years. The company is one of the leading car making names in the world but have faced many of the hurdles in last few years. Toyota has recalled the hottest and latest stuff of the company Lexus GX 460 SUV after the reports of the Consumer Reports Magazine in US. Their report suggested that this sport utility vehicle can roll over in certain driving situations which led the flame burnt in the hearts users and car lovers. Before the company loses faith and reliabilities further, about 8 million vehicles were called back. Besides this, the unintended acceleration of the Toyota vehicles caught accidents and in turn the company is facing as many as 327 lawsuits that are exposing the dismal fate and performance of the company.

The dismal deal

Could you ever believe that the dismal fate of both these giants have continued even after their handshakes as the local authorities and politicians have opposed this deal!! The panel approved the collaboration of both these names and has allowed them to participate in Wrigley but still the local and traditional politicians are I the mood to challenge and turn off the deal.

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The Hopes are still alive

The optimistic nature that can win any of the battle in the world is being acquired by Ricketts who is the owner of the team since last year and who has acquired Wrigley Field from the Chicago Real estate managed for $900 million. The owner said to the media that “It’s more than just a sign to us and also is a multi-million dollar revenue opportunity for us. We are hoping to have the best lucks and I am sure we will get through”, he added.

So, this is the status from Chicago and is one of the hottest news in the entire Chicago Baseball Academy. Let us just wait and watch the scenario till the picture gets clear of this deal between Toyota and Chicago Cubs.