Toyota claims Corolla is the best selling nameplate image

While just last week we brought you the here comes Toyota to dispute that.” target=”_blank”>news that Ford’s Focus kept for 2013 the title of the world’s best selling nameplate, here comes Toyota to dispute that.

This is also not a battle that’s new – as the two carmakers have been sparring over the title for a few years now, with each claiming their model is the best selling. While Toyota has always claimed Corolla to be the top dog, Ford has been repeatedly disputed by saying the Japanese count among the numbers some models that have almost no resemblance to the Corolla – and also don’t share its name.

This year could be different though, as citing data from R.L. Polk, Ford announced last week it had 1,097,618 registered Focuses for 2013. Toyota has come now forward to claim the title, edging out the Focus model by a very small number – 906 units, all of the Corolla variety this time. And adding up the other versions, the tally goes up to 1.22 million units.

“The Corolla stands as the international face of Toyota and touches millions of people across the globe every day,” said Bill Fay, Toyota division group vice president and general manager. “Being the world’s best-selling car speaks volumes about the satisfaction and loyalty our customers feel about the Corolla and Toyota.”

While Toyota benefited from the advent of the eleventh generation in 2013, Focus will reap some benefits this year thanks to a mid-life cycle refresh – so we’re keeping our hopes up that both companies will arrange a “grudge match” next year.