Toyota delivers its 500,000th hybrid car in Europe image

Toyota on Thursday delivered its 500,000th full hybrid vehicle in Europe, a silver Yaris Hybrid produced in Valenciennes, France.

The car was delivered to Mr. Pierre Schilder, fleet manager of Euro Media France, during a short handover ceremony at the retailer GTA NOISY in Noisy-le-Grand, close to Paris.

The Japanese carmaker sold 375,000 Toyota and 125,000 Lexus full hybrid vehicles so far in Europe. Toyota’s hybrid technology is more accessible than ever before with the European produced Yaris Hybrid and Auris Hybrid on offer in the two most important market segments in Europe, at a price that is competitive with equivalent diesel vehicles.

Since the Prius was launched in Europe back in 2000, sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles have consistently grown, and today represent approximately 15 percent of Toyota’s total sales volume.

Toyota and Lexus have 10 full hybrids on sale across its European retailer network, ranging from the B-segment Yaris Hybrid to the flagship premium full hybrid saloon, the Lexus LS 600h. This year the Prius family has been expanded to include the 7-seater Prius+ and the Prius Plug-in, offering the best of both worlds – electric and hybrid – to allow for journeys of up to 1200 km without refuelling.

In 2010 the Auris Hybrid, produced at the Burnaston plant in the UK, was the first and only full hybrid powertrain to be introduced in the highly competitive C-segment. Only two years later the Yaris Hybrid appeared, the first full hybrid in the B-segment. In the luxury segment Lexus appeals to its hybrid customers with the CT 200h, GS 450h, ES 300h, RX 450h and LS 600h.