Toyota developing new brake-assist and automatic braking systems image

Toyota is developing two pre-crash safety systems meant to help prevent high-speed collisions and pedal-misapplication accident.

The Japanese carmaker said the technology will soon be premiered on a high-end Toyota-brand sedan. Within two to three years, the features are expected to equip mid-sized and compact cars, according to Seigo Kuzumaki, Toyota’s assistant chief safety technology officer, quoted by Automotive News. Toyota executives said the technologies have been in development for years and are not a direct response to the unintended acceleration recalls from 2009-2010.

The first technology is a brake-assist feature that helps drivers avoid rear-ending the car in front at high speeds. Using millimeter-wave radar to detect the risk of a collision, the system warns the driver with sound and display alerts when it senses danger. It also has a brake booster that can automatically double the braking force applied by the driver so that the car stops in time. The feature enables deceleration to a full stop from 60 kilometers an hour.

The second technology is automatic braking, which employs sonar to detect whether a car is backing up too fast toward an obstacle. If so, it sounds an alarm and automatically applies the brakes. The dovetail feature slows the vehicle when the gearshift is mistakenly shifted while the accelerator pedal is applied or when abnormal shifting is detected.