Toyota Develops Mutual Power Supply System for EVs and Homes image

Toyota Motor Corporation has developed a system that allows plug-in hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and homes to mutual share power.

The system is called V2H and will be tested on Prius PHVs, at the end of 2012 in about 10 households, part of the Toyota City Low-Carbon Verification Project also known as Toyota City Project which began in April 2010.

The V2H system allows the transfer of power from home to vehicle as well as from vehicle to home. The Prius PHV will feature an AC100 V inverter which converts stored power into AC suitable for home use. The power flow is controlled through communication between vehicle, charging stand and the home. This new system allows low-carbon electricity generated by solar generators, to be stored in the car’s drive battery and be used to supply power to the household during peak consumption times.

The V2H system has been developed following the existing communication and charging specifications defined by the International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission. Besides the V2H system, TMC has also developed systems that allow the transfer from PHVs directly to home devices, for use at emergency shelters in the event of a disaster.