Toyota extends production slowdown in US, Canada, China image

Toyota Motor Co. is further cutting its production in North America, Canada and China plants because of shortage of parts caused by the March 11 disaster in Japan .

The automaker has already suspended production at North American plants for four days including April 15, 18, 21 and 25, on top of the usual Good Friday shutdown on April 22.
But on Tuesday, the company extended the production suspensions. It said the plants in Cambridge and Woodstock will also shut down during the week of May 23, on top of taking the usual Victoria Day holiday.

During the same period, production will run at 50 percent on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
No layoffs are planned during this period.

“We are trying to continue production as much as possible and keep our workforce intact in order to facilitate a smooth transition back to full production when all parts are available,” said Steve St. Angelo, executive vice president of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing.

“The situation is dynamic. We get new information everyday,” on what is happening in Japan, said Mordue. “We will develop strategies and tactics to mitigate the impact. It is a challenge. It is a moving target,” he said of when the future shutdown days will be scheduled.

In Canada, Toyota is stopping production of Corolla, Matrix and Lexus RX350 vehicles at its plant, as well as the assembly of RAV4 crossover utility vehicles at its Woodstock plant. ALSO, THE AUTOMAKER said that after discussions with its Chinese partners, it had decided to adjust the production schedules for its plants in China.
Production at plants producing cars will run at half of its normal capacity until June 3, Toyota said.