Toyota FCV Concept debuts in Tokyo [Live Images] – updated image

Toyota has officially pulled the wraps off the FCV Concept, during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, which is in its final stages of development and it’s getting ready to hit the market soon.

The new Toyota FCV Concept is taller and narrower than a Camry, being 4,87 mm in length, and it’s sharing a similar wheelbase. The model in question is a four-seater fuel cell vehicle, offering a preview of a future production car which is believed to make its way onto the market in a couple of years, but the decision to wait a little longer until introducing the final production version of the car might cost Toyota, as other automakers might take the lead.

The Toyota FCV Concept is taking its power from a small, lightweight fuel cell stack, which is offering a total of 100 kW, providing a range of just over 500 km and a refuel time of just three minutes. The figures are equivalent to those of a conventional petrol / diesel-powered car but the trick is that hydrogen has a huge potential of replacing fossil fuels. The Toyota FCV Concept is emitting just water vapors from its tailpipe. More details on the model haven’t been announced yet.