Toyota FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) officially unveiled image

Toyota has released the first images with the production version of the FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) which will enter production next year.

Originally aimed towards Japan before hitting Europe and North America, the first production fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota FCV, has been finally unveiled. The model in question has slender headlights with LED technology, vertical daytime running lights, a huge front bumper with a big lower grille, some equally large intakes, a sloping roofline, a red triangle serving as the fog light and some other tweaks which will definitely help differentiate it.

The 2016 Toyota FCV will be named differently once it will become available for order. The vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 10 seconds, a decent time, and it has a maximum range of approximately 482 km or the equivalent 300 miles. Filling the tank with hydrogen will take only around 3 minutes. Prices for the model will be set at 7 million yen, or 50,450 euros, and it will become available at the Toyota and Toyopet dealerships but only in regions where the hydrogen refueling infrastructure is under development. More details on the Toyota FCV will be announced close to its launch.