Toyota focused on addressing Takata airbag issue image

Japan’s Takata Corp, an auto safety parts supplier, is now behind the largest single-product recall in US history, no matter the industry. And there’s at least one company that has pledged to resolve the issues – Toyota.

The largest Japanese automaker and the biggest in the world is only one of eleven automakers affected by the Takata-related airbag troubles, but since the company has learned its lesson from the scandal back in 2010 about its own unintended acceleration flaw, it looks ready to get to the bottom of the new problem quickly. Akio Toyoda, the automaker’s president, has commented that dealing with the airbag defect is key to reclaiming lost public trust and has grown to encompass the entire industry. Since 2008, the auto parts manufacturer has been recalling – alongside eleven automakers – more than 53 million autos across the world because the airbag’s inflator can explode with too much force and send shrapnel and metal debris inside the cabin at high velocity.

The results include six fatalities, at least 100 injuries and a recall of almost 34 million vehicles in the US – the problem initially was contained to areas of high humidity, but auto safety regulators concluded the regions were not containing the situation. Additionally, Toyoda said the root cause is still unknown – Takata has been investigating it, while parallel probes are run by authorities and a consortium of the affected automakers, including Toyota. “It’s like a sickness. You have to find out what’s causing it if you hope to treat it and fix it,” was quoted Toyoda saying by the Associated Press.