Toyota-Ford Partnership to Develop F-150 Hybrid image

The Toyota-Ford partnership made last year, aims at manufacturing a Ford F-150 hybrid.

In 2011 Toyota and Ford made a partnership for the production of a hybrid system for trucks and SUVs, and now the two companies announced they plan to produce a Ford F-150 hybrid, which would compete against GMC Sierra hybrid trucks and GM’s Chevrolet Silverado.

” The bulb we’re perplexing to moment is how can you do a hybrid F-150, “said Kevin Layden, Ford Director foundation programs as well as engineering. “We work with [Toyota] as well as growth plans.”

The hybrid system developed by the two automakers would be designed so as to excel at towing while maximizing fuel economy, and will be used for the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, F-150, Tundra, and Toyota Sequoia models. But this is not so easy to achieve since towing is a difficult obstacle to overcome.

“Everyone wants to tow with a truck, and that’s a duty cycle that really taxes the battery and electric motor. We have to figure out how you maximize that and still get the fuel economy,” said Kevin Layden.

Currently GM has a hybrid powertrain choice for a Chevrolet Silverado and Sierra 1500, GMC 1500 Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon Denali SUV.