Toyota gets ready for autonomous race with new safety technologies image

The Japanese automaker, the largest car company in the world, is inching a little closer to the ultimate goal – releasing on the road self-driving cars – as it prepares to introduce new advanced active-safety systems on its mass-market range of models in 2015.

The suite of technologies, whether completely new or just upgraded and updated, were premiered this week in Tokyo and span from more sophisticated pre-crash braking systems, a smarter auto-parking option a next-generation auto-adjust headlamp to a vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communication system.

According to Chief Safety Technology Officer Moritaka Yoshida, these new features will be gradually introduced since 2015 and are in line with soon to be enforced governmental mandates to enable a safer transportation. Legislators in the US, Europe or Japan plan to make mandatory systems that allow cars to talk to one another and the environment in a bid to prevent and reduce traffic fatalities and accidents and reduce gridlock. Yoshida further said that pricing – yet unrevealed – would fall into the affordable range and some of the products – such as the auto-parking and vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems are initially scheduled for introduction in Japan before hitting other markets. Others, including two types of pre-crash auto-braking systems would debut in the US – for example – as early as 2015.

Via Automotive News