Toyota Global Output hits 200 mln image

Toyota Motor Corporation said Tuesday that its global cumulative vehicle output since 1935 when the company was founded has reached 200 million units in June.

The Japanese giant said 145.21 million vehicles were made in Japan, while other 55.12 million were produced overseas.

As expected the mostly produced model is the Corolla sedan – 39.08 million units.
Toyota was the world’s largest automaker between 2008 and 2010, but lost its crown to GM after the Japanese earthquake and then flooding in Thailand seriously disrupted its production.
However, the Japanese automaker is back on top, having sold 2.49-million between January and March, compared to 2.28-million by GM.

Volkswagen, the world’s No. 3, sold 2.16-million, Bloomberg calculated.

Along with the natural disasters, Toyota has also had to battle a strong Japanese currency.

The yen rose by as much as 10% against the US dollar between April 2011 and February 2012, despite efforts by the Japanese central bank to stem its rise.

The company now plans to move some of its production outside Japan. Starting in May 2013 Toyota will build the Yaris compact in France. This will make it the first time that Toyota manufactures and exports a car from Europe to North America.

Also, is considering making more Lexus RX sport-utility vehicles for North America in Canada by expanding production capacity there and transferring some output from Japan. Toyota’s plant in Ontario, Canada, is the only factory outside of Japan that makes Lexus models.