Toyota, GM and BMW have temporarily stopped or partially stopped their operations in Egypt due to the political unrest in the region.

Thursday, July 4th, GM and BMW stopped sales and Production in Egypt, after President Mohamed Morsi was ousted on July 3rd. A BMW spokesman said the automaker expects to return to full production and business in Egypt by Sunday. Usually, BMW’s operations in the region normally stop on Friday and Saturday, which are considered weekend days and start on Sunday.

GM sells Chevrolet and Opel brand in the country and has a complete knockdown plant located in Cairo, as does Toyota, which continued production during the period of unrest. Since 2012 Toyota has started manufacturing the Hilux-based Fortuner mid-sized SUV in Egypt, at its plant which has 700 workers.

Although production was not stopped, the automaker closed all its dealerships between June 29th and July 1st, and reopened them on July 2nd. Toyota and Renault said that their business in the country has not been affected.

“This was a precautionary measure taken by Toyota Egypt based on reports of upcoming large-scale demonstrations,” a Toyota spokesman in Europe said in an e-mail.

Since the beginning of the year auto sales in Egypt increased 14% to 68,106 units. Chevrolet sold 16,124 units in the region, Hyundai sold 10,510 units, followed by Toyota with 6,798 units, Kia with 5,435 units and Renault with 3,155 units.

Source: Autonews


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