Toyota Got the Most Patents Issued in 2012 in the US image

Last year the US Patent and Trademark Office issued for Toyota more patents for the company’s innovative engineers and designers that to any other car maker.

According to a survey made by the Intellectual Property Owners Association, Toyota has received 1, 491 patents, which only demonstrated the Japanese automaker’s commitment to continuously improve its vehicles and achieve new safety, environmental and technological advancements.

“Since the days of Toyota’s founding, innovation has been a cornerstone of Toyota’s success,” said Kristin Tabar, vice president, electrical systems engineering, Toyota Technical Center (TTC), a division of Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. (TEMA). “We’re driven to listen to our customers and develop new ways to improve their experience.”

Last year Toyota companies received 30% more patents compared with 2011, a clear proof that the company has met an increasing success in fostering ingenuity and managed to keep a keen focus on the customer. Toyota is the leader in engineering and anticipating the cars for tomorrow for today. The Toyota Tehnical Center, which is located in Ann Arbor and Saline, Michigan, has recently held the annual patent awards ceremony to honor the patent recipients for 2012.

“Toyota is a great place to be an inventor,” said Minjuan Zhang, manager, Toyota Research Institute NA. “Everyone here is passionate about improving the customer’s experience and it shows in the product.”